The Strain

With Alíz (2001. ADRK-clubshow)

Conny and Carin 5 months

My name is Lajos Király, I live in Hungary. I bought my first dog - Max vom Calibra - in 1995 and my breeding work is also based on him. Max won a lot of countries champion and club priority. The first litter from the “vom Donnerwald” kennel was born in 1998. By Max and Freya von Hause krammer. One of the female from this litter - Alice - has become a german club and brand winner, bundessiegerin in 2001. This is the biggest result of us yet. Me and my wife - Brigitta - turn our big attention to the raising of the puppies. We bring up maximum 1 litter every year. Our intention is the qualitative breeding not the quantitatine propagation the descendants of my present dog - Martinus Hexe - are also effective. They are young austrian club winners, skandinawische winners. Our breeding conception is that a lot of healthy and vigorous puppies breeding from the “vom Donnerwald” kennel and they give the future owner pleasure as a family pet, breeding dog, show dog or workdog.